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    Rare Medieval Jewelry Unearthed Near Brańsk Finds a New Home in Białystok Museum

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    Rare medieval jewelry from Brańsk finds a new home in Białystok Museum after a legal hurdle is overcome. Unique 10th-century artifacts.

    A valuable collection of early medieval jewelry, discovered years ago near Brańsk, has been officially deposited at the Podlaskie Museum in Białystok. Comprising approximately 50 pieces of silver and bronze adornments, such as silver and glass beads, bracelets, rings, and semi-circular earrings, the artifacts date back to the turn of the 10th and 11th centuries. These treasures were initially believed to belong to an affluent townswoman, with their significant historical and cultural value underscored.

    The Mystery of Origin:

    The exact origin of these items was shrouded in mystery when they were presented by the Provincial Conservator of Monuments, the police, and the National Tax Administration in September 2022. It was only known that the treasures hailed from the vicinity of Brańsk, with archaeologists having heard of such a trove back in the 1990s.

    A Legal Hurdle Overcome:

    In February of this year, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Bielsk Podlaski announced the closure of the investigation due to the statute of limitations. This development paved the way for the artifacts’ transfer to the Podlaskie Museum, as previously indicated by Professor Małgorzata Dajnowicz, the Provincial Conservator of Monuments.

    A Unique Collection:

    Archaeologist Aleksander Piasecki of the Podlaskie Museum emphasized the uniqueness of the find, highlighting its excellent preservation and historical significance. The artifacts are associated with 10th-century interactions with the Rus’ people. They will undergo specialized analysis and conservation for a future exhibition.

    Archaeologists had known about this treasure for years, suspecting that it was looted by an illegal treasure hunter. Now, this unique collection has found its rightful place in the Podlaskie Museum, ensuring its preservation and further study.

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