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    Rare Natural Phenomenon: Black Stork Skierka Lays Fifth Egg

    Skierka, a black stork in Poland, lays a rare fifth egg, showcasing unique behavior in ornithology. Ongoing research sheds light on black stork conservation.

    In the heart of Poland, amidst the Bolewic region, Skierka, a renowned female black stork, has astounded researchers by laying her fifth egg. This occurrence is exceptionally rare as black storks typically lay 3-4 eggs. Skierka, nesting in the woodland, has returned for her sixth consecutive season post-hibernation, marking her fourth breeding season.

    Unique Behavior of the Black Stork

    While white storks are a common sight in Poland, encountering their black counterparts is far less probable. Black storks, being notably more timid than their popular cousins, are elusive creatures. The Committee for the Protection of Eagles has been instrumental in disseminating knowledge about their biology and conservation through internet-connected cameras installed at bird nests since 2012.

    Of the 169 nests surveyed by #BocianiMy using cameras and phototraps, only 5 females have laid five eggs. Unfortunately, none of these nests have successfully raised all five hatchlings. Long-term monitoring by #KOO indicates an average success rate of 2.59 fledglings per nest.

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