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    Renovation Underway for Adam Małysz Ski Jumping Hill in Wisła-Malinka

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    The iconic Adam Małysz Ski Jumping Hill in Wisła-Malinka, Poland, is undergoing a comprehensive renovation to restore its former glory. With a budget of approximately 53 million Polish złoty, the project aims to modernize the facility and enhance its safety and functionality.

    The renovation, launched recently, focuses on upgrading the take off and landing areas. The entire existing take off structure is being demolished, making way for a new, improved design. The first phase, which includes the renovation of the landing area and the installation of a new snow-making system, is set to conclude by early January. This ensures optimal conditions for the upcoming World Cup competitions.

    Future Enhancements

    Beyond the initial phase, plans include the replacement of the ski lift to facilitate smoother transportation for athletes. The renovated facility will only be accessible during the January period when the World Cup events are scheduled. The comprehensive overhaul is expected to be finalized by June 2024, with half of the investment allocated to the innovative inclined lift, similar to Innsbruck’s Bergisel ski jump.

    Tomasz Laszczak, Director of the Center of Sport and Tourism in Szczyrk, envisions a bright future for the revamped complex. The upgrades aim to elevate the facility’s stature globally, with aspirations of hosting top-tier international competitions, including World Championships. The revitalized Wisła-Szczyrk complex is poised to become a hub for ski jumping excellence.

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