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    Renowned Actor and Satirist Janusz Rewiński Passes Away at 74

    Janusz Rewiński, a celebrated actor, satirist, and former member of parliament, has died at the age of 74. The news of his passing was shared by his son, Jonasz Rewiński, on social media.

    “Buenas noches, Senior Siarra!” Jonasz wrote, marking the sad announcement. He elaborated on the circumstances of his father’s death, revealing that Janusz had been battling health issues and, unfortunately, lost the fight on June 1st.

    Jonasz reflected on his father’s legacy in his heartfelt message: “For many years, Dad brought joy and smiles not only to us but to everyone around him. The world seems the same, but the smiles have suddenly disappeared.”

    Janusz Rewiński was a prominent figure in Polish entertainment and politics, known for his wit and charm. He served as a member of the Sejm during its first term. His son expressed gratitude for his father’s contributions, ending with a poignant farewell: “Janusz Rewiński. Actor, satirist, member of the Sejm’s first term. Thank you for everything. Wherever you are now, we hope they ‘feel momentum’ (“mają rozmach…” – ed.) Buenas noches, Senior Siarra! (Stefan “Siara” Siarzewski, the vital character from Kiler movie played by the late actor – ed.)”

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