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    Revolutionizing the Electric Car Industry: Polish Izera Built on Geely’s SEA Platform

    In a bold move that promises to reshape the landscape of electric vehicles, the Polish electric car manufacturer, ElectroMobility Poland, is partnering with the Chinese automotive giant Geely Holding to develop a groundbreaking electric car platform called SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture). This collaboration is set to bring to life the innovative Polish electric car, Izera, which will be built upon the SEA platform. This move signifies a major leap forward in the pursuit of creating agile, safe, and technologically advanced electric vehicles.

    The SEA platform is much more than just a conventional vehicle chassis; it’s a holistic technological concept that extends beyond what meets the eye. ElectroMobility Poland asserts that the true power of the SEA platform lies within its components, hidden from the average user’s view. These components are designed to provide an exceptional driving experience, offering heightened sensations of acceleration, braking, safety, and comfort.

    Yang Yu, the Director of iVAC (Intelligent Vehicle Architecture) at Zeekr Intelligent Technology, a subsidiary of Geely Holding, emphasizes the platform’s focus on modularity, flexibility, and durability. He highlights that the primary objective of the SEA project is to provide users with a positive driving experience without compromising on any aspect.

    The SEA platform’s emphasis on safety, stability, and comfort aligns perfectly with Geely’s vision. Geely Holding, a renowned player in the automotive market, is responsible for brands like ZEEKR, Volvo, and Smart. ElectroMobility Poland’s agreement with Geely Holding last autumn secured the licensing of the SEA platform for their electric car project.

    Sustainable Experience Architecture, or SEA, embodies a commitment to delivering safe and enjoyable driving experiences for both the occupants of our vehicles and other road users,

    Yang Yu adds.

    Marek Kapuściński, the Chief Chassis Architect at ElectroMobility Poland, underlines that the SEA architecture encompasses far more than a mere floorboard or accompanying systems. It represents a complex interplay of technical dependencies and know-how, often hidden from the end user’s direct view but contributing to a genuine sense of quality, driving pleasure, and various performance aspects.

    Geely’s SEA technology is impressively scalable, catering to a wide range of vehicle sizes and types, from small A-segment cars to larger E-segment vehicles and commercial vans. The platform offers an extensive software structure, minimizing the investment required for its development by partners. Furthermore, it allows for adjustable wheelbases ranging from 1800mm to 3300mm, adapting to various requirements.

    The SEA platform, the foundation of the Izera project, is already in use in European electric vehicles like the SMART #1 and the new Volvo EX30.

    Tomasz Mydłowski, the Vehicle Integration Manager at ElectroMobility Poland, highlights that the upcoming SMART #3 and ZEEKR X models will maintain distinct characters while utilizing the same technical solutions. This versatile approach will also be applied to the Izera.

    Leveraging the technological potential of the SEA architecture opens the door to the creation of at least three distinct car models: an SUV, a hatchback, and a station wagon (SW).

    The primary differences between these models will revolve around parameters such as rear overhang (offering more space) and vehicle height,

    Marek Kapuściński explains.

    The architecture obtained through the Geely partnership positions ElectroMobility Poland competitively not only in the current market but also in the years to come, from the vehicle’s production launch onward.

    Our aim is to ensure that the car remains competitive throughout its entire lifecycle. This extends beyond powertrain systems, with a particular focus on the battery, and encompasses the opportunities offered by onboard electronics,

    Marek Kapuściński underscores.

    The collaborative effort between ElectroMobility Poland and Geely Holding is a testament to the potential of the SEA platform in revolutionizing the electric vehicle sector. As the Izera prepares to make its debut, the automotive industry is poised for a transformation that will redefine the driving experience, emphasizing safety, performance, and user satisfaction.

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