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    Rising Coffee Prices Stir Concern Amongst Coffee Lovers

    As the cost of a cup of coffee continues to climb in Italy, millions of espresso enthusiasts are feeling the pinch. The price for a single espresso in major cities has reached as high as 1.40 euros, with fewer establishments offering it for under 1 euro.

    Experts point to several contributing factors for the price hikes: adverse weather conditions in Brazil affecting coffee production, fluctuations in the euro-dollar exchange rate, increased transportation costs, and disruptions caused by the crisis in the Red Sea.

    According to calculations by Assoutenti, an Italian consumer organization, the average cost of an espresso in Italy is now about 1.20 euros, marking a nearly 15 percent increase from three years ago when it was just 1 euro. There are fears that this price could soon double to 2 euros.

    The last six months have seen dramatic spikes in coffee prices on the commodity market, with Robusta beans surging by 90 percent and Arabica by 55 percent.

    Price disparities exist across the country, with northern cities like Bolzano and Trento charging over 1.30 euros per cup, while in Catanzaro in the south, the average price is still around 0.99 euros. In Naples, considered the heartland of fine coffee, an espresso costs approximately 1.05 euros.

    Gabriele Melluso, president of Assoutenti, expressed concerns about the ongoing trend: “We fear that the rising market prices of coffee could lead to further increases in both bars and shops in the coming weeks.”

    Annually, approximately 6 billion cups of coffee are served in Italian establishments, underscoring the nation’s deep-rooted love for this caffeinated staple. As prices climb, coffee lovers across Italy are keeping a wary eye on their beloved espresso, hoping for relief from the steep increases.

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