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    Rising Electricity Prices Shock Consumers in Poland

    Polish households are bracing for a staggering increase in electricity prices, far beyond what Minister Henning-Kloska had forecasted. Recent estimates suggest a hike of nearly 80%, contradicting the minister’s claim of a mere 30 złotych rise.

    Contrary to Minister Henning-Kloska’s projections, Polish households are facing an unprecedented surge in electricity prices. Initial forecasts indicated a modest increase of 30 złotych per household, but reality paints a far graver picture.

    The discrepancy between official estimates and actual bills has sparked widespread concern and confusion among citizens. As households struggle to cope with soaring energy costs, there’s a growing demand for accountability from policymakers. Minister Henning-Kloska’s miscalculations highlight the urgent need for transparent and accurate communication regarding the future of energy pricing in Poland

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