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    Robert Karaś Ever Closer to the Finish Line of the Brazil Ultra Tri

    Robert Karaś is still leading the Brasil Ultra Tri competition. The Pole is trying to break the world record for the 10-time Ironman distance – and he is getting closer to doing so. 

    So far Karaś is almost halfway through the last competition, a 422-kilometre run. 

    On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, worrisome news surfaced on Instagram. Robert’s team reported that his previous injury from Switzerland had resurfaced, posing significant challenges, including difficulty in walking. The Pole still put up a fight and ran about 60km, but then ordered a recovery break. 

    “I’m now in a so-called recovery room. We’ve decided that I’m going to treat the wounds that were caused on the bike while I was still at the marathon in Switzerland for eight hours. We put everything on one card. There are only 360 km left and I want to do the whole distance at once. I don’t see any other option,” said Karas in a short video posted on Instagram yesterday.

    Karaś is back

    “We are back in the game! We didn’t get rid of the injury 100%, for sure the problem will stay with us until the end. Robert charged up with positive energy during the night, mentally he is ready. It’s that time, such feats cost a lot,” the triathlete’s team informed.

    Among the participants in the race are two other Polish athletes. Jurand Czabański closely trails behind Karas, while Rafał Godzwon currently occupies the third position. 

    results of the 10-Time Ironman at Brasil Ultra Tri 2023 // screenshot // 01:46 PM UTC/GMT +2

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