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    Robert Karaś is Back. He Aims for World Record Again as IUTA World Cup Brasil Ultra Tri Commences

    After facing a formidable setback that compromised his health and led to a resounding failure in his last attempt, Robert Karaś, Poland’s esteemed triathlete, is once again ready to tackle the gruelling 10xIronman distance. His indomitable spirit and unwavering determination have propelled him forward, despite the ups and downs that have defined his journey thus far.

    Recalling the challenges he encountered during the ‘Swiss Ultra’ event in August 2022, where a post-operative wound forced his withdrawal, Karaś has made a remarkable recovery. The wound, which had opened up and emitted alarming amounts of pus, rendered him unfit to compete at the time, as determined by the medical team.

    Now, however, Karaś has left those problems behind him. With renewed vigour, he embarks on yet another daring adventure, poised to etch his name in the annals of sporting history.

    The highly anticipated ten-time Ironman commenced on May 20 in Brazil, serving as the stage for Karaś’ pursuit of greatness. The challenging course comprises a daunting 38-kilometre swim, followed by a gruelling 1,800-kilometer bike ride, and culminates in an arduous 422-kilometre run.

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    Robert Karaś is a Polish triathlete. Champion and world record holder in Ultra Triathlon at the distance of a five-time Ironman (2021), a triple Ironman (2018) and a double Ironman (2017, 2019). Polish record holder at the Ironman distance (2019).

    The International Ultra Triathlon Association (IUTA), established in 1992, is the official governing body for Ultra Triathlon. Comprised of ultra triathletes and race organizers, the non-profit organization aims to elevate ultra triathlon into a globally recognized sporting event with standardized rules. The IUTA plays a vital role in promoting and regulating ultra triathlons worldwide, ensuring top-notch quality and a stellar reputation. Additionally, the association endorses World Championships and maintains an annual world cup ranking system. (
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