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    Robert Karaś Pushes Limits to Break Records in the 10x Ironman Challenge

    Robert Karaś is determined to set a new world record in the 10x Ironman challenge. Following the swimming and cycling portions, the Polish athlete embarked on the running event, although he encountered some initial health complications.

    The Brazil Ultra Tri 2023 attracts individuals with exceptional fitness levels, including Karas, who had previously aimed to break the record but was hindered by an injury. Undeterred, he has embraced the challenge once more and has already successfully completed the gruelling 38-kilometre swim and the demanding 1,800-kilometer bike ride.

    Now, the final leg awaits him—the marathon. Karas is faced with a daunting 420-kilometre stretch, equivalent to running ten marathons back to back.

    “The previous stages of the race are behind us. Robert’s performance during the swim and bike portions has been nothing short of astonishing. He covered a distance of 1,800 kilometres in under 70 hours. The whole race closes in 80 hours. The night lies ahead, along with the next battle Robert will face. ‘The 422-kilometre run has begun,” Team Karas announced on Instagram a dozen hours ago. 

    Robert Karas Overcomes Injury Hurdle in Final Stage of Grueling Challenge

    However, moments after the start of the final stage, worrisome news surfaced on Instagram. Robert’s team reported that his previous injury from Switzerland had resurfaced, posing significant challenges, including difficulty in walking.

    “We’re taking a longer rest, getting the swelling down. We are in good spirits, no one is thinking about giving up,” Team Karas concluded. 

    “I’m now in a so-called recovery room. We’ve decided that I’m going to treat the wounds that were caused on the bike while I was still at the marathon in Switzerland for eight hours. We put everything on one card. There are only 360 km left and I want to do the whole distance at once. I don’t see any other option,” said Karas in a short video posted on Instagram.

    ➡️ You can check the live results here

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