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    Saxony’s Prime Minister Calls for Border Controls Amidst Rising Migrant Influx

    In an urgent address to the Tagesschau portal, Michael Kretschmer, the Prime Minister of Saxony in Germany, has called for the implementation of border controls along the country’s boundaries with Poland and the Czech Republic. This move comes as a response to the escalating number of migrants making their way into Germany, with Kretschmer emphasizing the need for immediate action to curb illegal migration.

    “The situation is reaching a critical point, leaving us with no alternative,” stated Kretschmer as he advocated for the swift introduction of border controls, adding that such measures “should have been put in place months ago.” His statements underscore the growing apprehension within Germany that Poland and the Czech Republic are emerging as increasingly favored transit countries for individuals seeking to journey westward.

    Over the weekend, Nancy Faeser, the German Interior Minister, echoed Kretschmer’s concerns by calling for the temporary implementation of stationary border controls as a means to combat smuggling activities more effectively.

    According to statistics released by Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees at the end of August, the country had registered over 204,000 asylum applications, marking a staggering 77 percent increase when compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. This surge in asylum seekers has added impetus to the calls for stricter border controls, with authorities aiming to manage and regulate the influx of migrants more efficiently.


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