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    Security as a condition for Poland’s development

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    On Monday, January 30, Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, and Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak met with soldiers of the 18th Mechanized Division named after Lieutenant General Tadeusz Buk in Siedlce. 

    During the conference, the head of the Ministry of Defense spoke about the ongoing expansion of Polish Army units and their modernization.

    “629 organizational units of the Polish Army were abolished during the rule of the PO-PSL coalition. Those ruling Poland dealt a particularly strong blow at the time to the security of our homeland in the east of our country. Those units that were responsible for security in a direction that historically has always been very dangerous to the security of our Fatherland were liquidated,”

    Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said in Siedlce.

    Morawiecki said at a press conference that his government had prioritised increasing the strength of the Polish armed forces and wanted to see more Nato troops in the country.

    The war in Ukraine has spurred the Polish government to fast-track increases in the size and strength of Poland’s armed forces.

    “The war in Ukraine makes us arm ourselves even faster. This year we will make an unprecedented effort – we will allocate 4% of GDP to the Polish army. Perhaps the most among all NATO countries,”

    the prime minister said.

    Morawiecki also noted that a strong army is mandatory for a safe Poland.

    Poland made a number of large-scale military purchases last year, including Abrams tanks and HIMARS rocket launchers from the US and howitzers, tanks and jets from South Korea.


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