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    Exotic Pets in Poland to Keep as Pets: A Charming Pygmy Hedgehog

    Dogs, cats and even hamsters are by far the most popular pets in Poland. However, many people prefer to challenge themselves and try to adopt an exotic and unusual animal. We present a list of exotic pets that can be extremely attractive choices for potential and adventurous breeders. However, one must keep in mind that these are creatures with special needs. Taking them home comes with a huge responsibility.

    The African pygmy hedgehog, also known as the dwarf hedgehog, is the smallest of the world’s wild hedgehog species. It is also a pet that is becoming increasingly popular to breed, although it is not easy. Selective breeding and cross-breeding of this species yield several distinct, unprecedented patterns and colours, such as salt and pepper, white, cinnamon, etc. Breeding hedgehogs are registered with the Pygmy Hedgehog Club in the UK. Each individual has its breeding number and pedigree, which is given and issued by the Club. This confirms the origin of the hedgehog. Animals without these documents and numbers are from the wild and maybe weak and sick.

    These hedgehogs are more active than their other species, playful and easily tamed. However, they are still wild animals, active mainly at night. They prefer to be alone and may fight when raised with other hedgehogs in the same cage/terrarium. They don’t crave human affection at all either. So, hugs and other similar human displays of affection are not liked by them. Gentle and frequent handling, however, tames them enough to keep them in the house.

    Many breeders also sell young hedgehogs that have already been pre-tamed.  However, even a tame hedgehog needs to get used to a new location and owner. Therefore, at first, these challenging pets may curl up into a spiky ball when we try to pick them up. So, one should be patient in taming them. Just place the hedgehog curled into a ball in your hand and hold it ever so gently, letting it unfurl when it feels safe. The pet will quickly understand that we have no ill intentions and will become more active.

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