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    Exotic Pets in Poland to Keep as Pets: Sugar Glider

    Dogs, cats, and even hamsters are by far the most popular pets in Poland. However, many people prefer to challenge themselves and try to adopt an exotic and unusual animal. We present a list of exotic pets that can be extremely attractive choices for potential and adventurous breeders. However, one must keep in mind that these are creatures with special needs. Taking them home comes with a huge responsibility.

    Sugar gliders are contact animals, but they are also nocturnal animals. What does it mean? It means they prowl from late “dusk till dawn”. You won’t have active contact with them, you won’t play with them, you won’t let them out to roam the room during the day. 

    Sugar gliders need attention, they need to get out of the cage, run, and play. 

    Sugar gliders are quite “instrumental”, they make various noises and make noise by moving elements of the cage or just by jumping and running on it. If you are a shallow sleeper and keep them in the room where you sleep, it can disturb your peace.

    The smell of the sugar glider can also be a major problem. Well, let’s not kid ourselves, like any animal sugar gliders bring their specific scent into the house.  The animal itself does not “stink”, but the sugar gliders mark their territory, emitting an intense odour resembling, as some claim, musk or the smell of burnt coffee.

    Another issue is the cost of purchasing and maintaining the sugar glider. Since this animal is herd-like from the very beginning, we must realize that you should purchase at least two sugar gliders, rather than trying to keep one individual. Despite our sincerest efforts and intentions, we are unable to keep them company all night, unable to learn their language and meet their community group standards. A herd animal kept alone is doomed to loneliness and stress.

    Sugar gliders must have space for jumping and playing, so the cage must be bought or built as big as possible. There are no set standards, it just needs to be as big as possible. An important parameter of the cage is its height and the distance between bars. Equally important is the equipment of the cage, in which there should be containers for food – at least two, drinker, beds, and at your discretion other devices such as a reel, hammock, ladders, bridges, tunnels, lianas, ropes, etc.

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