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    Sex Scandal: Adult Films Shot in Wrocław’s Municipal Office

    Pornographic films have been produced within the premises of the Wrocław City Hall. The claim, which reads like the plot of a sensational movie, has the local community and the nation at large in disbelief.

    According to Torz, who disclosed the information on his investigative platform, a series of adult films feature a 49-year-old female municipal employee performing explicit acts. A snippet of a video, showing the woman undressing in front of the camera in what appears to be an office setting, has been released by Torz as evidence supporting his allegations. He asserts that there are multiple videos available online, some for a fee and others freely accessible, all purportedly filmed within the confines of a municipal office.

    The journalist pointed out a concerning level of ignorance or perhaps, an intentional oversight among the city’s higher echelons. “In theory, probably nobody knows anything about it. Jacek Sutryk, Włodzimierz Patalas, Jakub Mazur, Damian Żołędziewski, and all the other rulers of Wrocław seem to be in the dark. Yet, as usual, it’s the employees who are aware, as they were the ones who reported it to me. They were fed up with the audacious behavior of some officials,” Torz remarked, shedding light on the discontent brewing among city hall staff.

    As of now, the Wrocław City Hall has yet to officially respond to these serious accusations. The lack of a formal statement has only fueled speculation and concern among the residents of Wrocław and beyond.

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