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    Shock in Parliament: Vote Axed as Chairman Panics Over Losing Majority

    During the deliberations of the parliamentary committee for European Union affairs, an unprecedented scandal occurred, alarms Law and Justice (PiS) MP Marcin Przydacz. On Wednesday, the EU affairs committee convened in the Sejm (the lower house of the Polish parliament). After the meeting, Law and Justice deputies reported an “unprecedented scandal.”

    As Marcin Przydacz conveyed during a press conference, while the voting was already underway, with voting machines activated and deputies casting their votes, some members of the Civic Platform realized they would not secure a majority in this vote.

    “They began to pressure the chairperson to end the voting as quickly as possible […] and much to our surprise, […] chairman Kobosko canceled the vote. You could hear cries of ‘please cancel, please cancel’ in the chamber. I understand this was because the ruling majority might lose the vote,” he added.

    The PiS MP explained that the vote was about a resolution concerning the procedure for changing treaties, “a reform, or as some say – a deformation – of the European Union.”

    A similar incident reportedly occurred earlier during a session of the infrastructure committee.

    “Chairperson of the Infrastructure Committee, Mirosław Suchoń, fled the meeting after his colleagues failed to attend, neglecting their duties. During the vote, breaking the rules, he announced a break and fled the chamber. Lawlessness, lack of knowledge of the rules, and political bickering,” MP Grzegorz Puda reported on the X platform.

    The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe...

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