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    South African National Arrested with Ammunition and Grenade at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport

    Warsaw court has ordered the arrest of a South African national who was apprehended at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport attempting to board a flight with alarming items in his luggage. The detainee had four pieces of ammunition and a grenade in his possession, leading to a security scare that resulted in the evacuation of the airport.

    The incident, which unfolded on Monday, prompted heightened security measures after the Border Guard intercepted the individual’s alarming baggage contents. The 41-year-old South African citizen now faces serious charges, as elucidated by Dagmara Bielec, the spokesperson for the Nadwislanski branch of the Border Guard. Bielec disclosed that the individual has been accused of endangering numerous lives, illegal possession of ammunition and a grenade without the required licenses, as well as coercing another individual to act against their will.

    The sequence of events began when airport security discovered four pieces of ammunition concealed within the suspect’s carry-on bag. The situation escalated when a subsequent search of his checked luggage unveiled a grenade. The discovery prompted the immediate evacuation of approximately four hundred individuals from the airport premises, emphasizing the gravity of the threat posed by the potential use of such dangerous items in a public space.

    Dagmara Bielec offered insights into the suspect’s statement provided to border guards on Monday. According to Bielec, the individual claimed to be unaware of the presence of ammunition in his luggage and asserted that he had no intentions of carrying these items across the border.

    While details about the individual’s motive and background remain largely undisclosed, an unofficial source linked to the Polish Press Agency (PAP) indicated that the individual had arrived in Poland from Ukraine. The unfolding investigation is expected to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding this alarming incident, as authorities work to ensure the safety and security of the public.


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