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    Successful Completion of the 2nd Silesian Climate Convention CLIMATE-CON 2023

    The 2nd Silesian Climate Convention, CLIMATE-CON 2023, held on October 11th and 12th at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzow, Poland, concluded with resounding success. This major regional event focused on climate adaptation and environmental protection, drawing participants from various backgrounds, including local government officials, non-governmental organizations, experts, academics, and representatives of the European Union. Entrepreneurs, students, schoolchildren, and residents of the Silesian Voivodeship also joined the gathering.

    Key Objectives

    CLIMATE-CON 2023 aimed to promote climate adaptation actions and counteract adverse climate change effects. It provided a platform for discussions and presentations on modern environmental protection approaches, benefiting local administration workers and all eco-enthusiasts interested in ecological topics.

    Diverse Themes

    The event covered a wide array of themes, including discussions on transforming mining regions, creating climate-neutral cities, sustainable transportation, climate challenges in science, green fashion, and the feasibility of 100% climate-friendly business practices. Topics ranged from climate-neutral cities and zero-emission buildings to the impact of climate change on biodiversity, climate-related health effects, and renewable energy sources.

    Mobilizing Sustainable Urban Mobility

    One vital component of the event was discussions and workshops concerning sustainable urban mobility plans, emphasizing long-term strategies to improve safety, reduce air and noise pollution, and cut greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

    Knowledge Exchange and Research

    The convention featured 28 discussion panels with over 90 speakers, addressing various aspects of climate protection and adaptation. It highlighted EU-funded pro-environment projects in the Silesian Voivodeship, demonstrating how European funds can support environmental and climate protection actions.

    A flagship event within CLIMATE-CON 2023 was the two-day thematic panel “Science for Climate,” led by Professor Marek Gzik, Chairman of the Silesian Regional Council. This panel included representatives from Silesian research institutes and universities.

    Youth Engagement

    The “Youth for Climate” workshop and debate series involving the Silesian Regional Youth Parliament attracted substantial interest, providing insights into the perspectives of young people on environmental issues in the region.

    Eco-Fashion and Creativity

    The event offered many attractions, including a showcase of recycled fashion and jewelry called “Ekomoda,” presented by students from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Katowice. They demonstrated how to repurpose waste materials, giving them new value.

    Participants also had the chance to view a photographic exhibition showcasing eco-investments in municipalities participating in the integrated LIFE project “Silesian. Restoring Blue.”

    CLIMATE-CON 2023 was a valuable platform for promoting climate adaptation and environmental protection. It fostered collaboration, knowledge exchange, and creative solutions, showcasing the commitment of the Silesian Voivodeship to address climate challenges.

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