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    Successful Harvest Midway Through, but Weather Poses Challenges, says Grain and Feed Chamber President

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    Successful midway harvest, yet weather challenges persist. Grain and Feed Chamber’s President discusses yields, protein concerns, and weather’s impact on the season.

    Monika Piątkowska, President of the Grain and Feed Chamber, has lauded this year’s harvest as successful, with the season currently at its midpoint. While southern regions of the country have reported high cereal yields, Piątkowska highlighted concerns about protein content in wheat, often falling below 10 percent.

    Piątkowska noted that both national and European predictions aligned with their earlier forecasts of a fruitful harvest this year, estimating approximately 34.2 million tons of grain to be collected in Poland for the 2023/24 season, slightly down from 35.3 million tons the previous year.

    Weather’s Impact on Harvest

    The President emphasized the pivotal role of weather conditions in determining harvest progress. Recent bouts of rainfall have caused delays in many areas, raising worries about grain quality. However, the recent dry and sunny weather offers hope for acceleration in harvesting activities.

    The Grain and Feed Chamber, a sector-specific organization established in 1997, represents around 60 companies involved in feed production, oil processing, milling, grain storage, domestic and international grain trade, as well as biofuel production.

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