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    Supporting Ukraine is not charity says Morawiecki

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    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview for the German tabloid newspaper BILD talked about German policy towards Russia, the war in Ukraine and military support for the fighting Ukrainians. 

    “We have delivered (to Ukraine) 250 tanks already, which are good tanks on the battlefield (…) We are about to send 60 new, modernized battle tanks to the battlefield. And on top of this pyramid, we are going to donate 14 Leopard tanks,”

    Morawiecki said. 

    Prime Minister also pinpointed Poland’s goal which is to support Ukraine to win this war. He said that the understands the mentioned support as maintain Ukraine’s sovereignty, freedom, and territorial integrity. 

    “And I also view this war as a turning point in our history, because if (…) Russia wins this war, it would mean a completely different landscape in Europe,”

    he added. 

    Morawiecki stated that supporting Ukraine is not charity. In his opinion, it means that it is fighting for the future of Europe and pinpointed that “the German government should understand this as well.” 

    The whole interview can be read here.

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