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    Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Referendum in Poland

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    Poland’s Supreme Court has set December 7 as the date for a crucial session to determine the validity of the nationwide referendum held on October 15. The court disclosed that 2,291 protests challenging the referendum’s validity were submitted, with outcomes ranging from dismissal to consolidation for joint consideration.

    Public Anticipation

    The public session, scheduled for noon in the largest Supreme Court chamber, invites spectators who can obtain tickets. The decision, presented as a resolution, is expected within 60 days of the referendum results announcement, in a public hearing attended by the Attorney General and the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission.

    The referendum’s non-binding nature is unrelated to the Supreme Court’s decision on its validity. Despite a turnout of 40.91%, the results lacked binding authority as over half of eligible voters did not participate. Questions on privatization, retirement age, border control, and immigration garnered notable responses, with the majority opposing proposed changes.

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