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    TAD announces the termination of its business in Russia

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    TAD is an IT company founded in St. Petersburg in 2018, now we have 25 employees. In 2021 80% of our turnover was under contracts concluded within Russia.

    At the moment, this percentage is 0 – TAD has terminated all contracts with counterparties and employees in Russia, stopped working with all Russian suppliers, and stopped sales and marketing in Russia.

    This is our reaction to Russia’s aggression against a neighbouring country — Ukraine. We fully support the Ukrainian resistance to the invasion of a foreign army. TAD refuses to support the regime of Mr Putin in any form and excludes the possibility of paying any tax deductions to the budget of the Russian Federation before the end of the war.

    We encourage all Russian companies to follow our example. TAD spent more than 8 months and several tens of thousands of dollars relocating the business, but the result was worth the effort. Today, we are ready to provide comprehensive support to companies that have decided to follow the same path — the only possible one under the current circumstances.

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