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    Teenagers’ Joyride in Stolen Trabant Ends in Arrest

    Two 17-year-olds, who had escaped from a juvenile detention center, found themselves back in custody after a brief and ill-fated adventure in a stolen Trabant.

    Late Tuesday night, the teenagers fled a youth rehabilitation center in the Lipsko district. Their escape led them to a nearby tavern, where they seized the opportunity to steal a Trabant, a vintage car known locally as a “soapbox” due to its age and boxy shape. The car was an attraction for the tavern’s patrons.

    Their joyride took them to Lipsko, where they broke into a kiosk and stole various tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes. Laden with their stolen goods, they set off in the Trabant towards Opole Lubelskie. However, the aged vehicle soon broke down. Undeterred, they removed the car’s battery and continued their journey on foot.

    Their run came to an abrupt end when officers from the Opole Lubelskie County Police apprehended them. The teenagers were taken into custody and transported to the Lipsko police station. They have been charged with theft and burglary, to which they confessed. The stolen items and the Trabant were returned to their rightful owners, and the youths were sent back to their facility.

    “Now they will have to explain their actions in court. According to the penal code, theft carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison, while burglary can result in up to 10 years,” a police spokesperson stated.

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