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    Tens of thousands of Poles to join the “Protest for Free Poles” – temperature being raised by the authorities


    A massive wave of demonstrators is traversing Poland, converging on the capital to voice their opposition against what they deem as the unlawful and unconstitutional actions of Donald Tusk’s government. The protest has been ignited by the National Court Registry’s confirmation of the ruling coalition’s illicit takeover of public media and the unconstitutional withdrawal of mandates from two MPs, as mandated by the Polish Constitution and a Supreme Court order.


    The protest’s atmosphere has been charged, with the sudden reappearance of barriers around the Sejm and the unannounced closure of the parliamentary building. Additionally, reports of extensive checks on coaches transporting demonstrators from various parts of Poland have added fuel to the fire.

    Mariusz Błaszczak, Chairman of the political party PiS, expressed surprise at the developments, stating, “We are surprised by the atmosphere created by the erection of barriers around the Sejm. These barriers are unlike those that were there, as these are ‘smiling barriers.’ We are also surprised that the working time in the Sejm has been limited to 14:00. We have received information from our parliamentarians that the buses taking those who wish to participate in the Protest for Free Poles in Warsaw are being checked.”

    He went on to say, “We assess such actions as being directed against the basic principles of democracy” and emphasized that these actions only serve to heighten the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty and tension.


    Despite the tensions, leaders have made it clear that the protest aims to remain peaceful. Mariusz Błaszczak reiterated this sentiment, acknowledging the potential for provocation and urging MPs to document any such incidents. He stated, “We are aware that there may be a provocation. The power that currently rules, i.e., the ruling coalition, is an evil, dishonest power, a power that can do anything. Therefore, our parliamentarians have been obliged to record, film, and then publish all manifestations of activities that do not fit the norms of a peaceful protest.”

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