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    The first stork reached Poland after 2 days delay

    Dr. Ireneusz Kaługo, naturalist and President of the EcoLogic Group from Siedles: “For several days our storks have been flying from their wintering grounds.” This year’s first stork arrived on Wednesday, March 8.

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    “This year the weather conditions were terrible. So the first stork was two days ‘late’ “, he added.

    EcoLogic Group put GPS trackers on their storks every year. Thousands of people follow the paths of the storks online, on the official Facebook webpage of the group. The scientists analyze the data too. Thanks to this, they can check the behavior of the storks and their customs. However, in the case of the wild storks that have not been registered yet, they claim that the collected samples are rather spontaneous and not precise.

    For now, the scientists from EcoLogic Group know that two birds have been on their way to Poland for several days. There are only 4,000km left to reach the final destination. Scientists are amazed by the new patterns of the birds’ journey and information about wintering of storks in Africa.

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