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    The Majority of Poles Advocate for Introducing an Income Threshold for Child Benefit

    A recent poll indicates that a majority of Polish citizens advocate for the implementation of an income threshold for the monthly child benefit, as revealed by a survey conducted by the Pollster Research Institute and published by the Super Express newspaper.

    In 2016, the outgoing Law and Justice (PiS) government introduced the Family 500 Plus child benefit program, a flagship initiative granting a monthly benefit of PLN 500 (EUR 114) per second and subsequent child to all families with at least two children under 18, irrespective of parental income. Over time, the program was extended to cover all children below 18. In August 2023, President Andrzej Duda, an ally of the PiS, approved an amendment elevating the benefit to PLN 800 (PLN 183).

    The Family Ministry reports that approximately seven million Polish children currently benefit from this program. However, the recent survey results demonstrate that 63 percent of respondents are in favor of the incoming government setting an income threshold for eligibility, above which households would not qualify for the increased PLN 800 benefit. Conversely, 37 percent of respondents oppose the notion of an income threshold.

    Super Express notes that while the 500 Plus program has proven instrumental in supporting parents and helping many families make ends meet, it has not been without controversy. Critics argue that the current system distributes PLN 500 per child universally, including to affluent individuals.

    The survey, conducted on November 7-8, involved 1,014 adult Poles, providing a snapshot of public sentiment regarding the child benefit program and potential reforms.


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