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    The Polish Housewives’ Clubs Competition

    At the grand finale of the Housewives’ Clubs Competition in Otrębusy, Poland’s First Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, highlighted the multifaceted activities of these vibrant community groups. Hosted at the State Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze,” the event brimmed with the spirit of Easter, featuring 15 clubs from across Poland showcasing regional dishes and handcrafted decorations.

    Promoting Local Heritage

    The First Lady emphasized the critical role of Housewives’ Clubs in fostering local traditions and activating communities. By engaging in various projects, from cooking to crafts, these clubs help preserve cultural heritage and promote community cohesion. Agata Kornhauser-Duda noted the significant changes in rural areas, from infrastructure improvements to the creation of new schools and preschools.

    The event concluded with the selection of three finalists: SKGW Chróścina (Opole), KGW Szwedowianki (Podkarpacie), and KGW Stężyca (Pomerania). These winners, selected for their culinary and cultural presentations, will receive their awards during the Presidential Harvest Festival in Warsaw later this year.

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