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    The Polish invention that revolutionized cardiac surgery

    One of the most important Polish inventions is the artificial heart created by engineer Zbigniew Religa in 1985. This invention was a breakthrough in the field of medicine, allowing the first heart transplant surgery to be performed without the use of extracorporeal circulation.

    Religa’s artificial heart worked by pumping blood from the heart to the aorta, allowing blood circulation to continue during heart surgery. This made it possible to perform complicated transplant surgeries that were previously impossible.

    This invention became a groundbreaking achievement in the field of cardiac surgery, improving the quality of life for many patients. Zbigniew Religa was known not only as a brilliant inventor but also as a heart surgeon and social activist. He passed away in 2009, but his legacy remains alive.

    Religa’s artificial heart is one of the most important Polish inventions and is evidence that Polish scientists and engineers can achieve global success and contribute to progress in fields such as medicine and technology.

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