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    The Symbolism of Yellow Daffodils in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    Every 19th of April marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, a testament to the courage of Jewish resistance during WWII. Central to this commemoration is the yellow daffodil, symbolizing the resilience and sacrifice of the insurgents.

    A Symbol of Remembrance

    The tradition of adorning one’s lapel with a yellow daffodil traces back to Marek Edelman, one of the uprising’s leaders. Each year, Edelman received these flowers anonymously, a poignant gesture of remembrance. He, in turn, placed them at the Heroes of the Ghetto Monument, forging a personal tribute to the fallen, independent of official ceremonies.

    Growing Commemoration

    Over time, Edelman’s solitary act grew into a collective tribute, with more people joining in to honor the spirit of the uprising. The yellow daffodils became synonymous with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, a vivid reminder of resistance in the face of oppression.

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