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    Three more suspects detained in Russian espionage investigation

    The National Prosecution Office has informed Polish Press Agency (PAP) that three more arrests have been made in connection with a current investigation into espionage on behalf of Russia.

    “The court has fully shared the prosecutor’s stance, approved the motions and issued a three-month arrest warrant with regard to three people,” the National Prosecution Office confirmed to PAP on Friday. This brings the total number of people arrested in the case to nine.

    On Thursday, Mariusz Kaminski, the Polish interior minister, reported that six people had been apprehended by the Internal Security Agency (ABW) for allegedly collaborating with the Russian security services.

    Kaminski, the coordinator of Poland’s intelligence services, reported that the suspects had perpetrated intelligence operations and planned acts of sabotage on behalf of Russian intelligence. Additionally, Kaminski stated that the individuals arrested were “foreigners from the eastern border of Poland.”

    The minister stated that the suspects were preparing to conduct acts of sabotage which would have disrupted the delivery of equipment, weapons and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

    He reported that the evidence unearthed indicated that the organization had instructions to disrupt Polish-Ukrainian relations, to provoke antagonism towards Nato countries in Poland, and to target the Polish government’s policies towards Ukraine.

    Kaminski declared that the ABW had evidence that the suspects had been receiving payments from Russian secret services in a regular fashion.

    RMF FM was the first to announce on Wednesday that security services had uncovered a Russian-affiliated espionage network planning possible destruction of train tracks.

    According to RMF FM surveillance cameras have been set up on railway tracks in the Podkarpackie region of south-eastern Poland, close to Rzeszow-Jasionka airport. This airport serves as a major logistics center for transporting military and relief supplies to Ukraine.


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