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    Three Poles die in tragic Maserati car accident in Belgium

    Belgian media are reporting an accident in the town of Lichtervelde in the country’s north. The causes of the tragedy have not been fully established yet. However, it is known that three men of Polish nationality died in the collision.

    The daily newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws reports that at around 9.40 pm on Saturday, a man driving a Maserati sports car lost control of the car. The vehicle suddenly went off the road, hit an island and eventually collided with a tree as far as 200 metres away.

    The force of the impact was so great that the car broke in half, ejecting one of the passengers 30 metres away. Three men of Polish nationality died on the spot. They were 33, 28 and 22 years old respectively.

    Although the services are investigating the possible causes of the accident, it is clear that Maserati was driving too fast. The Belgian daily reports that the prosecutor who arrived at the scene of the tragedy stated explicitly that the accident was caused by “clearly excessive speed”.

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