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    Toruń Zoo celebrates the rare birth of clouded leopards

    In a remarkable milestone for conservation efforts, Toruń Zoo in Poland celebrates the birth of clouded leopards, marking a first for the country and a rare occurrence worldwide.

    The Arrival and Breeding Program
    After years of absence in Polish zoos, the clouded leopards, Tim and Tommy, arrived from Munich Zoo in 2020. Following meticulous care and a coordinated breeding program, Tim was paired with a female from Decin Zoo, Czech Republic, resulting in the recent birth of four cubs.

    Challenges and Conservation
    Breeding clouded leopards in captivity poses challenges due to their elusive nature and endangered status. With only 145 individuals in global zoos, efforts like those in Toruń are crucial for species survival.

    Future Prospects
    Despite setbacks like the loss of one cub, the birth of these clouded leopards brings hope for their species. Conservationists anticipate their maturity and eventual contribution to increasing the population.

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