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    Travel Costs for Poland’s May Holiday Show a Slight Decrease from Last Year

    As the May holiday approaches, travelers can expect a slight relief in accommodation costs compared to the previous year, according to a recent analysis by HREIT based on data. The average nightly rate for a double room during the 2024 holiday in ten popular tourist towns is estimated at around 630 PLN—a slight dip from the over 650 PLN seen last year.

    Bartosz Turek, HREIT’s chief analyst, explained that these rates are typically for last-minute bookings, just over a week before the long weekend. While the options may be more limited, the inclusion of breakfast in some packages offers little solace. However, the modest 4% drop in average rates from the shocking 20% increase in 2023 provides a welcome change. Turek noted that such a rise in 2023 was an aftermath of surging costs across various sectors. While a return to pre-inflation pricing levels remains unlikely, the stabilization of inflation rates is seen as a positive development.

    Sopot, a perennially expensive seaside resort, continues to command high prices, with the average rate for a last-minute booking over 750 PLN. Yet, Turek points out that travelers can find both cheaper and more expensive options within the city.

    In contrast, accommodation costs in mountain resorts such as Świeradów-Zdrój, Szklarska Poręba, and Karpacz hover around 650 to 700 PLN per night, with about 80% of lodging already booked a week ahead of the holiday. Meanwhile, other popular destinations like Kołobrzeg, Zakopane, and Międzyzdroje offer slightly lower prices at around 600 PLN, reflecting the high occupancy rate of 80-85%.

    On the more affordable end, Wisła presents the most budget-friendly option among the surveyed locales, with an average hotel rate of just under 520 PLN. Despite its lower cost, the resort maintains a robust 80% occupancy rate.

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