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    Truth will not be silenced [video]

    We are launching a major social action for freedom of speech. This is not only a joint action of the Strefa Wolnego Słowa Group (Free Speech Zone – ed.), TV Republika and the portal. It is an action of all those who do not agree to gag the free media and journalists.

    TVN wants to ban reporting that “it lies” and that its publications are “manipulated.” Donald Tusk is suing TV stations and journalists for showing the truth about the pro-Russian policies he pursued when he was the prime minister…

    The truth will not be silenced. The truth always triumphs. It is the duty of a journalist to present the truth – even the truth that is inconvenient for opposition politicians. We do not agree with gagging free media and journalists.

    Watch also the video in Polish.

    TVN and TUSK will not silence us!



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