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    Tusk Seeks to Investigate Russian Influence: Cenckiewicz Says, ‘Enough of This Spectacle

    In a heated declaration, Professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz, former head of the commission to investigate Russian influence, expressed deep concern and frustration with what he describes as former Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s pro-Russian policies during his tenure. Speaking on Telewizja Republika, Cenckiewicz accused Tusk’s administration of inviting Vladimir Putin to interfere in Polish politics, a claim that underscores ongoing debates over national security and foreign interference.

    This accusation came to light as Tusk, now again serving as Prime Minister, announced plans to reestablish a commission to investigate Russian influences—though facing significant opposition from coalition partners, including Szymon Hołownia. According to Cenckiewicz, the evidence he has seen, some of which remains classified, would be surprising to many, indicating undisclosed extents of Russian sway over Poland during Tusk’s earlier administration.

    During a recent parliamentary session, Tusk defended his interactions with Putin, equating them to those of his predecessor, Lech Kaczyński, amidst accusations of lying about their frequency and implications. This defense led to a vocal outburst from Tusk, highlighting the emotional charge surrounding this issue.

    Professor Cenckiewicz, co-author of the series “Reset” alongside Michał Rachon, criticized the portrayal of Kaczyński in political narratives, suggesting a skewed representation that aligns unfairly with pro-Russian sentiments. His forthcoming book promises to delve deeper into Tusk’s policies, potentially stirring more controversy as it brings to light new aspects of Russian interactions.

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