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    Ulma Family Becomes Patron of Podkarpackie Voivodeship

    In a historic event for the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, the Church in Poland celebrated the first liturgical commemoration of the blessed Ulma Family, who have been named the patron of the Voivodeship. This honor was bestowed upon Józef and Wiktoria Ulma and their children during a ceremonial session at the Museum-Castle in Łańcut, following a unanimous decision by the regional council.

    President Duda Honor Ulma Family’s Legacy as Patrons of Podkarpackie

    President Andrzej Duda, in a letter read at the session, reflected on the family’s beatification that took place ten months prior, emphasizing the profound message of faith and humanity conveyed by their martyrdom. He expressed deep satisfaction with the Holy See’s decision to recognize the Ulma Family as the patrons of Podkarpackie, highlighting their embodiment of values that have shaped the region’s history and identity.

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    Marshal Ortyl and Voivode Kubas-Hul Praise Ulma Family’s Heroism and Enduring Legacy

    Marshal Władysław Ortyl lauded the Ulma Family’s unwavering dignity in the face of death, stating that their principles have long resonated with the region’s inhabitants. He noted that having such exemplary guardians who “show the way” is a great honour and urged the community to live in a manner that would make the Ulma’s proud.

    Podkarpackie Voivode Teresa Kubas-Hul recounted the perilous times of war when many Poles, driven by human solidarity, risked their lives to save Jewish neighbours. She emphasized that the Ulma Family’s actions, rooted in moral duty and humanity, made them silent heroes and symbols of extraordinary spiritual strength, dignity, love, and sacrifice.

    Archbishop Adam Szal and Regional Leaders Honor Ulma Family, Emphasize Support for Family Values in Podkarpackie

    Archbishop Adam Szal of Przemyśl, along with other dignitaries, acknowledged the Ulma Family as a model for families, urging regional leaders to support family values in Podkarpackie. The regional council’s resolution to adopt the Ulma Family as patrons underscores a commitment to preserving the memory of thousands of Poles who heroically aided Jews during World War II, a legacy further cemented by the establishment of the Museum of Poles Saving Jews in Markowa.

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