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    Unanswered Questions: The Elusive Count of Ministers in Tusk’s Government

    Piotr Müller, a Law and Justice (PiS) party MP, has long been awaiting an answer to his inquiry about the number of ministers and deputy ministers in Donald Tusk’s government. “Unfortunately, this is highly complicated. Probably a more complex calculation-related problem. It was replied that due to the complicated nature of this question, more time is needed to calculate the number of ministers and deputy ministers,” said the politician on the “#Michał Rachoń. Jedziemy” program.

    “They count and count and can’t come up with the number. Some time ago, I sent a parliamentary inquiry regarding the personnel composition of the Council of Ministers as well as secretaries and undersecretaries of state. Among other things, I asked about their number,” the politician wrote on the X portal on February 6.

    He added that “he understands that Prime Minister Tusk does not want to boast about how many ministers there are, because they promised at almost every event that there would be far fewer ministers.”

    “And the second thing is that indeed, from the answers and also journalistic inquiries, it appears that in departments like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there was a situation for three or four weeks where ministers did not have assigned duties, meaning they received a desk, assistants, a driver, a computer, a phone, but did not know what they were supposed to do. It’s a ridiculous situation,” he added.

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