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    Unauthorized Radio Signals Halt Trains Again in Two Voivodeships!

    In a startling turn of events, unauthorized radio-stop signals were once again broadcast across the railway system, causing disruptions in two voivodeships. Yesterday evening, the unauthorized radio-stop signal was transmitted, leading to the halt of several trains, including long-distance passenger trains, and sparking concerns about the security of the railway communication infrastructure.

    The incident, which occurred on August 26th around 5:35 PM, involved an unidentified individual who managed to gain access to the PKP’s radio frequency and transmitted the disruptive audio signal. The radio-stop signal, once broadcasted, triggers an automatic stop for trains operating on the affected route. Railway officials were informed of the situation by the duty officer at the KMP in Gdynia.

    As a result of this unauthorized transmission, three long-distance passenger trains came to an abrupt stop on their respective routes. This incident raised questions about the vulnerability of the railway communication network and the potential implications of such disruptions on both passenger and cargo transportation.

    A similar incident occurred later the same day at approximately 7:40 PM, when the radio-stop signal was once again broadcasted illegally, leading to the temporary halt of another cargo train and affecting the operation of the railway station in Runowo Pomorskie.

    Railway authorities swiftly intervened to assess the situation and ensure the safety of passengers and train personnel. Following a thorough inspection and ensuring no imminent threat, trains were given the green light to continue their journeys after a brief one-minute stop. Thankfully, this swift response prevented widespread disruption of rail traffic and allowed for a seamless continuation of services.

    This is not the first time such incidents have occurred. Notably, a similar unauthorized radio-stop signal disrupted railway operations in the western Pomeranian voivodeship a few days prior. The unauthorized signals were received by rail control posts and train operators in the affected areas, causing trains to come to an emergency stop automatically.

    Interestingly, reports from social media indicated that in addition to the stop signals, some rail workers across Poland reported hearing the Russian national anthem over their communication channels, adding an element of confusion and intrigue to the incidents.

    In response to these troubling events, the government spokesperson for information security, Stanisław Żaryn, disclosed that the ABW (Internal Security Agency), in cooperation with various institutions including PKP (Polish State Railways), the Police, the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), and the Railway Protection Service, is actively investigating the unauthorized use of the railway communication system. The goal of these investigations is to pinpoint the root causes and vulnerabilities that allowed such unauthorized access to disrupt Poland’s railway operations.

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