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    Unveiling the Hidden Correspondence: “Trading Katyn” Premieres on TV Republika

    Discover hidden Katyn massacre secrets in ‘Trading Katyn,’ the latest episode of ‘Reset,’ premiering on TV Republika on September 30th.

    Unveiling the Secrets

    In a groundbreaking revelation, the eighth episode of the documentary series “Reset,” titled “Trading Katyn,” is set to premiere on Telewizja Republika at 8:00 PM on Saturday, September 30th.

    Prof. Sławomir Cenckiewicz, Director of the Military Historical Bureau, and journalist Michał Rachoń, the creators of the series, have delved into the documents surrounding the Katyn massacre. They meticulously examine the subsequent investigations and assess the legal aspects of actions taken by politicians and various governments.

    Hidden Correspondence Exposed

    Viewers will gain access to previously undisclosed correspondence between Sergey Lavrov and Radosław Sikorski. During Donald Tusk’s government, cooperation with Russian authorities aimed to remove the Katyn massacre from contentious matters and prevent its classification as genocide. This maneuver was intended to assist Putin in reshaping Europe’s geopolitical landscape.

    A Defiant Stance

    However, the late President Lech Kaczyński stood firm against this agenda. He courageously condemned Russia’s crimes against the Polish people, emphasizing the heinousness of the act:

    “By the decision of March 5, 1940, which formally originated from the Political Bureau but was, in reality, Stalin’s decision, Polish officers were brutally murdered. If such an act, involving 30,000 Poles, is not an act of genocide, then I ask: What is?”

    Don’t miss the premiere of the 8th episode of the “Reset” series on TV Republika, airing at 8:00 PM on Saturday, September 30th.

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