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    VI edition of the #FakeHunter Challenge – Information War

    The theme of the 6th edition of the competition is “Information War,” i.e., disinformation covering the political, military, economic, diplomatic and energy spheres.

    Information war online – what are the propaganda and disinformation messages used by Russians and how can we defend against them? Who is winning this online war? Children and young people – how to handle emotions and where to seek help? (#FakeHunter)

    During the #FakeHunter Challenge – Information War these and other topics related to Russian propaganda with special guests were discussed.

    “People distrust the state”

    “One is prepared to fight disinformation, but each case should be considered individually,” Lukasz Jasina, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, pointed out participating in the conversation, which took place as part of the 6th edition of the #FakeHunter Challenge – Information War.

    Lukasz Jasina noted that Poles had a certain coded distrust of the state in Poland. Meanwhile, it is state institutions that have the real information – they are often the only ones able to get reliable data from their allies. Even influencers do not have such capabilities.

    “If the state doesn’t say anything, it means that this is how it is supposed to be. The intention of those working in state institutions is not to deceive the public. Let’s try to wait calmly for information from state sources. Privatization of information very often helps disinformation. In addition, there is a lack of elementary responsibility in all this,” Lukas Jasina pointed out.

    #FakeHunter Challenge 

    The #FakeHunter Challenge is open to everybody who cares about championing access to reliable and trustworthy information, focusing especially on primary and secondary school students, higher school students, and the Ukrainian community.

    The main theme of the 6th #FakeHunter Challenge is “Information War”, which includes disinformation spanning the political, military, economic, diplomacy and energy domains. (#FakeHunter)

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