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    Vibrant Traditions and Craftsmanship at Babcia Anna’s Fair

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    Nikiszowiec, a century-old mining district in Katowice, came alive on Sunday during Babcia Anna’s Fair. With around 160 exhibitors showcasing a diverse array of crafts, books, paintings, clothing, and delectable food products, the event celebrated local artists and creators while drawing visitors from across the country.

    The fair’s program included workshops and captivating performances by the mining orchestra, adding a touch of history to the picturesque setting. Local artisans and talent proudly displayed ceramics, jewelry, glass, wood, leather, paintings, and regional literature. This year, the emphasis was on small-scale food producers, offering a delectable range of culinary delights.

    Eco-Conscious Endeavors

    Babcia Anna’s Fair didn’t just focus on art and entertainment; it promoted sustainability too. At the educational booth, attendees discovered the transformation of plastic waste into extraordinary objects. Families with children enjoyed the animated play area, while everyone relished the enchanting musical performance by Kapela Fedaków, influenced by Silesian traditions.

    Nikiszowiec’s Timeless Charm

    Nikiszowiec, a 115-year-old worker’s settlement, boasts nine well-preserved and inhabited red-brick buildings surrounding the central square, home to the neo-Baroque St. Anna’s Church. This historical backdrop added to the fair’s allure, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

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