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    “Visegrad Jazz Exchange”: Bridging Cultures Through Music

    The JAZZ PO POLSKU Foundation launches the ambitious “Visegrad Jazz Exchange” project, aiming to foster musical collaboration among Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Co-financed by the Visegrad Fund, the project features concert tours and workshops across the V4 countries, starting in February in the Czech Republic.

    Led by renowned musicians like Radovan Tariška and Rafał Sarnecki, the project showcases a specially curated ensemble embodying collaboration and innovation. Over 16 concerts, audiences will experience a fusion of cultural influences and contemporary jazz.

    President Jakub Krzeszowski emphasizes the project’s aim to strengthen cooperation among V4 artists and organizations while promoting cultural diversity. Supported by partners like the Slovak Jazz Society and TIM Produkcio, the project receives widespread endorsement from cultural institutions and media outlets.

    For the JAZZ PO POLSKU Foundation, known for nurturing young Polish talent, the “Visegrad Jazz Exchange” is an opportunity to extend its reach and promote cross-cultural dialogue. As the Visegrad Fund champions closer cooperation, initiatives like this highlight the power of music to unite diverse communities and foster collaboration across borders.

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