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    VNL 2023: Poland wins against Japan 3-1

    Today at 05:00 p.m. the Polish Volleyball Team started the match against Japan. In great style, the Poles won the game (3-1) and advanced to the next stage of the Volleyball Nations League.

    Team Japan proved superior in the first set and won against the Poles in a convincing style 25-19.

    The second set promised to be the same, however, the Poles put up a fight and won with an advantage. A dramatic end with the score of 28-26 gave the Polish team a chance to turn the match around and believe in victory. Wilfredo León encouraged the Polish fans to support our team by shouting “Go, go!”.

    The Polish team gained the upper hand in the third set and dominated the Japanese team. The difference in points was at its peak as much as 10 points of advantage for the red and white team (20-10). Finally, Poland won the third set (25-17).

    The beginning of the last set was even and the Janapese team was willing to fight. But Poland managed to build a slight advantage of 5 points over Japan. The red-and-whites played safe and the Japanese could not stop them. The tide turned in our favour when León entered the game in the first set. However, the rest of our team played great too. Aleksander Śliwka made even an ace serve. The Japanese Volleyball Team did not give up but eventually, the Poles won the fourth set (25-21).

    In the first set of the game, the Polish Volleyball Team consisted of:

    Marcin Janusz
    Łukasz Kaczmarek
    Jakub Kochanowski
    Mateusz Bieniek
    Bartosz Bednorz
    Aleksander Śliwka
    Paweł Zatorski

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