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    Warsaw’s Fountain Shows to Dance to ABBA Hits

    Warsaw’s iconic fountain shows will groove to the tunes of Swedish sensation ABBA this year, transporting audiences back to 1976. The inaugural showcase featuring “Dancing Queen” is scheduled for May 1st.

    The performances will run from May 1st to September 30th, with shows every Friday and Saturday evening, showcasing ABBA’s timeless hits against the backdrop of Warsaw’s stunning water displays.

    Entry to the shows at the Multimedia Fountain Park is free, offering a delightful blend of music, water, and Warsaw’s rich history. The event is a testament to the city’s cultural vibrancy and is partially funded by municipal resources.

    Director of Warsaw’s Municipal Stage, Andrzej Matusiak, emphasizes the universal appeal of ABBA’s music, bridging generations and evoking nostalgia for the disco era. This immersive experience promises to captivate audiences of all ages, celebrating both ABBA’s legacy and Warsaw’s vibrant spirit.

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