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    Wrocław Festival: Cultural Events for Residents

    Wrocław celebrates its annual City Festival on 24 June, during which prestigious distinctions such as the title of Honorary Citizen of Wrocław and the Wrocław Awards and the Mayor’s Awards are awarded. This year, the title of Honorary Citizen was awarded to Marek Krajewski, a well-known writer associated with the city’s culture. Prizes were also awarded to other outstanding individuals and institutions.

    The Wrocław Festival celebrations last for several days and residents have the opportunity to participate in numerous cultural events organised by the city, cultural institutions, NGOs and housing estate councils. The programme includes concerts, theatre performances and festivals, which are popular with various age groups.

    An important highlight of the programme is the Wrocław premiere of the adaptation of Olga Tokarczuk’s novel Empuzjon, which will take place at the Piekarnia Performing Arts Centre. Another attractive event is a concert in memory of Jan Kaczmarek, entitled “Kurna Chata pełna piosenek Jana Kaczmarka”. Not to forget the annual “Old Jazz Days Festival”, featuring well-known artists and young musicians participating in the “ALL PLAY – brass bands” project.

    In addition, there is also the Flower Festival and the Odrzańska Street Festival, which offer a variety of attractions such as florist workshops, flower exhibitions and a guided walk along Odrzańska Street.

    The Wrocław Festival is a great opportunity for residents to celebrate and enjoy the city’s diverse cultural offerings. It is a time to thank and honour individuals and institutions that have contributed to the development of Wrocław. Cultural events and festivals create a unique atmosphere and promote the city’s wealth of culture and history.

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