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    Year-Round Flamingo Pavilion Unveiled at Wrocław Zoo

    The Wrocław Zoo has introduced a new year-round pavilion for its flamingos, an investment costing around 2 million PLN. This development allows visitors to admire the vibrant birds in any season. Previously, the zoo’s 52 flamingos had to be relocated during winter months. With this new pavilion, the flamingos now enjoy a permanent, suitable environment throughout the year.

    Optimal Flamingo Habitat

    Zoo officials have reported that the flamingos have acclimated well to their new habitat, eagerly spending time in the pavilion’s pond. This covered, year-round water feature can be salted if necessary, a critical aspect for the well-being of these wading birds. In the wild, flamingos typically feed in saltwater lakes, and the saline water also benefits their legs, making the provision of a similar environment in captivity essential.

    The pavilion is designed to resemble the flora of Southeast Asia, creating a lush and naturalistic environment. In addition to flamingos, visitors can also observe other birds native to this region, including Malayan musk ducks, black-headed ibis, wandering whistling ducks, and common teal. This diverse collection adds educational and aesthetic value to the exhibit.

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