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    Repolonization of the media in this term of the Sejm?

    Jarosław Kaczyński, the president of PiS (Law and Justice party), asked in the Program One of the Polish Radio about the process of repolonization of the media and on what pattern it can be based on, stipulated that he did not want to talk about details yet, because “there are no specific plans or laws yet”.

    He stressed that there is no reason why Poland should have less rights or other grounds than western countries. “This is where you have to follow the example of western countries, which are very fiercely defending their sovereignty in this area. In Germany, the purchase of one of the less influential titles led to a sharp reaction, and therefore the title returned to German hands,” Kaczyński noted. When asked if this process would be carried out by the end of the current term of the Sejm, the leader of the ruling party replied that it would be possible to do it much faster, at least on the legislative level. “But surely the success of this process is related to all sorts of other aspects of the changes that need to be made in our country, as well as some international reactions,” Jarosław Kaczyński added.


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