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    The number of infected expected to increase in Poland

    Further increases in confirmed cases of coronavirus infections are expected in the coming days, Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski said on Friday.

    The ministry reported today that laboratory tests have confirmed coronavirus infection in another 809 people. This is the highest number of confirmed cases per day since the beginning of the epidemic. On Thursday, the Ministry of Health informed of 726 new infections, on Wednesday of 640, on Tuesday of 680, and on Monday of 575. The head of the Health Ministry said on Polsat News TV that in the coming days further increases in the number of coronavirus infections should be expected. “We have an increase in infections. Tomorrow we will probably have even greater growth and the day after tomorrow even greater. I will explain why, today we have done more than 4,700 swabs in large workplaces in Małopolska and they will be reported over the weekend,” he informed. “It’s better that we have a lot of results from the outbreak site than if we didn’t do these check-ups and let these people walk around and infect others. Then we’d have a true disaster on our hands,” he said.


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