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    They tortured children. Hitler’s friend and other Nazis ran sanatoria after the Second World War

    After World War II, children were exposed to Nazi criminals. German broadcaster ARD in its report revealed shocking cases of torture in so-called sanatoria led by high-ranking national socialists.

    According to German broadcaster – ARD, thousands of children were confined to the former Nazi leaders under so-called recuperation treatment. Unfortunately, instead of care and rest, children were often exposed to tortures and mistreatment. ARD TV provides information that such situations took place until the 1980s. 


    ‘During the treatment, you had to be very careful all the time, not to be pushed over or punished. This led me to become a nervous wreck. The time I spent there, was the worst in my life’ – said one of the victims. 


    One of the most famous Nazis, who ran this sanatorium, was Hugo Krass (1911-1980). He was a German SS commander during World War II and he served in the ‘Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler’, this means he was in the closest Hitler’s guards. 


    Despite his war crimes, Krass was named the Director of Children’s Health Resort in St. Peter-Ording. According to ‘Bild’, it was not the only exception. 


    German politicians finally announced their interest in the subject. ‘We have to focus on everything which might have harmed children and might have been illegal during the treatment’, said Manfred Lucha from ‘Die Grünen’ Party. 


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