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    State budget for 2021 announced, deficit of 82 billion zloty

    The state budget for 2021 has been published. The deficit this year will amount to 82 billion zloty. The head of the ministry of finance, Tadeusz Kościński stressed that there are secured funds in the project for the new budget, for example through the continuation of the most important social benefit programs, as well as investments for the development of the economy, which has suffered greatly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    “The scenario for the coming year assumes a growth of the GDP by 4.0% and, what’s important, the growth of government investments. We estimate the rise of consumer products’ prices at 1.8%, and the rise of the average fund of salaries in the national economy and the retirement pensions nominally by 3.8%. The profits in the state budget will be higher than the budget for the past year and will amount to 403.7 billion zloty. It is a rise of around 5 billion zloty, or 1.3%. The expenses will amount to 486 billion zloty which is 22 billion zloty or 4.3% less than the past year”, stated minister Kościński at a press conference.


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